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skelliehokes's Journal

That's why raccoons are so valuable.
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I'm currently in medical school so I don't always have a ton of time for writing. Writing is my first love & medicine is a close second... but medicine is much more likely to pay my bills in the future so I have to let it rule my life. At least for now, haha.

I am an absurdist at heart and I have an odd sense of humor. But I enjoy making people laugh so I tend to throw a lot of non-absurd stuff out there. I always laugh whenever things get ridiculous in my life, especially when I have one of those days when everything goes wrong. I have an unfortunate tendency to laugh at jokes way too early... I think I watched far too much stand-up comedy when I was younger, and so I tend to see punchlines too quickly.

I love disaster movies, and any movie with explosions. Mostly because they are absurd.

I am an almost-vegetarian in that I mostly eat plant matter, but will eat fish and am not picky about milk or eggs being in my food. I am vehemently opposed to cheese at present because I have high cholesterol. I am mad at my lazy LDL receptors because they are making me even more difficult to please while dining at restaurants. Cheese is in, like, everything.

I am kind of hyperactive and an insomniac. I think that I may be not-so-secretly in love with Surgery. I also am not-so-secretly in love with male-male friendliness. Whenever I see two men hanging out together in public I excitedly ask my boyfriend, "Ooo, are they on a man-date??" Clearly I have a problem with objectifying male friendships.

C'est tout.